LIVESTRONG = track meet DQ’s?

LIVESTRONG wristbandCall me late to the band wagon, but just had to blog about this: High School
runners disqualified

because they wore the Lance Armstrong Cancer survivor wristband “LIVESTRONG”
during a track meet. The Virginia Beach school district strictly prohibits the
wearing of jewelry other than religious jewelry, health advisories and perhaps,


Can you guess Delegatrix and I had a rousing talk on the
way into work today. Seems we were not the only ones. The aspect of this situation
was perhaps the most outrageous was the fact that the wearing of religious jewelry
was sanctioned.

Great minds think alike, as Delegatrix commented that the runners should have
simply taken a pen and drawn a cross or the star of david on the yellow rubber
band and said it was personalized religious jewelry. Then, she found an article
talking about this very situation, and the author’s similar idea to reconstitute
the LIVESTRONG bands into religious jewelry.

So while the controversy over this had ended with the county official backing
down and reversing her decision, a larger issue is at hand. Have school districts
gone too far in their regulating the appearance of their student body? And if
so, why has it come to this? Is it because many parents no longer see it as
their job to teach, discipline and care for their own children, and have foisted
their responsibilities onto the “system”?

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