Fleur de Lis from my side yard

Irises in a blue and cream pitcher

Fleur de Lis from my yard, 2011

We’ve lived in our house for almost five years, and yet each spring I am surprised anew when the most surprising gifts of flowers spring from the nooks and crannies of our yard. Its iris time in the DC area, the yards in my neighborhood are producing some of the most amazing showcases of irises, bearded, pink, purple, orange, yellow, cream, green and hybrid colors such as orange and purple. My own hidden offering, is deep purple with yellow accents. Not showy for the multiple layers, but striking in its color contrast – see how the yellow pops against the purple.

The original owner of the house was genius in hiding plantings of perennial flowers, a lovely surprise as you come upon them. My iris, for example, are planted in one spot on the driveway side of house, and if I did not park in the driveway, I would surely miss them. I’m thankful for her whimsy, each year, as spring and nature conspire to show just how magical and magnificent they are.

Soon (perhaps next week?) it will be peony time. I only have one plant, but the buds are close to bursting and the ants have begun to congregate on them. I’ll share my bouquet with you when they arrive. Until then, please help yourself to my Fleur de Lis.