9 Reasons Why I love the 4th of July

#1 It’s a national holiday, which means time off from work. I do work that I love – 40+ hours a week, but a day off is still a day off. Knowing that no one will (most likely) send work related email during that day off makes it truly a relaxing day.

It's a 3, count 'em 3 day weekend

It’s a 3, count ’em, 3 day weekend

It’s a Friday this year, which means a 3 day weekend – can I get a whoo-hoo?!

Sittin in the sand at the Beach - quintessential summer

Sittin in the sand at the beach – quintessential summer activity

#2 It’s the middle of summer, the days are long, and warm – never a bad thing, especially after the long lingering winter we all seemed to have this year.

#3 Picnicking is highly encouraged – I love picnics, we don’t picnic enough IMHO. Picnics are easy, as all the cooking is done in advance, unless one decides to char some meat and veggies, and even then, all the prep work should be done in advance to make the experience as carefree as possible.

#4 Its all about food you eat with your hands – corn on the cob, grilled meats and frozen treats are the menu of the day.


Great googly-moogly – these fireworks are amazing!

#5 There are free FIREWORKS displays in most cities in towns. One of my most favorite memories is of 4th of July, visiting my cousin Jeff in Ohio and watching the fireworks at Cascade Park with my family. Their explosive beauty filled me with awe and wonder.

Spending time with family & friends

Spending time with family & friends

#6 Time with family & friends. We don’t spend enough time together in our busy, task filled days. This is the chance to hang out, and spend some quality time together.

Everyone loves a parade

Everyone loves a parade

#7 We put on parades to celebrate – another chance to gather as a community, eat food with your hands and cheer the local bands, fire departments, Shriner’s driving funny cars and the excitement kids have for each and every entry in the parade. It’s a rite of passage, our parades. I loved them as a kid, as a too cool for this crap teenager — stayed away and found other more “interesting” things to do, and then fell back in love with them as a young adult. Getting together as a community DOES mean something to me.

#8 Celebrating the birth of our nation – we live in the greatest country in the world. Where our rights and freedoms are not just words on a parchment tucked in a locked vault, but active each and every day.

#9 We have the right to speak out on any subject without fear of jail or worse. We each have the opportunity to make our lives mean something, to stand up and make a change for the better (but sometimes the worse) — they don’t call it the AMERICAN dream for nothing. We are fortunate to have been born Americans, or made the decision to be American. No other county is envied for so much. The least of us have the same chance to determine the course of our history – our own and our country’s – by choosing or not choosing to participate in the democratic process.

Why do YOU love the 4th of July?

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