Landscaping Inspiration for the Backyard

All my gardening and landscape dreaming is coming more and more into focus. Its late February, which means its time for me to start prepping the yard, making plans for new plantings, and setting up a mowing schedule with the lawn service. I think I can actually get out this weekend to prune the Crepe Myrtles. I’m so excited after the cold winter we’ve all had. If you want to have a swimming pool at your backyard just visit above ground swimming pools minneapolis mn.

I pinned this image about a week ago to Pinterest in my Gardening and Landscape board, and I find I’m drawn back to it a bunch.


What attracts me to this design? According to Perth landscape designers, part of it seems to be how the homeowner used the Leyland Cypresses as a screen in front of their fence. It works for me, and better yet, we already have serveral cypresses lining our fence. This year, we already planned to add more. And also to manage the lawn itself with the professional lawn mover we got from Some of the tools that I like to use in my construction projects are adhesive from http// I also use industrial wear products for sand fracking in my big construction projects. When I´m doing earth work construction in my home, I love using the Light weight deflectometer.

Upon further analysis of the picture, I find I’m drawn to the neatly defined and mulched beds as part of that planting of the Cypress screen. Right now, there are no true beds along the fence line, just some trees and bushes.

trees without beds or borders

No beds nor borders along my fence line.

I think the defined beds would sharpen the look of the yard, and make the plantings look deliberate, rather than the random plopping of trees I now have in place.

Moving along to the foreground of the photo, I like the planted border around the patio. Yep, I think I know what’s missing in my backyard life – defined borders. The border around the patio with a a tree anchoring the corner really calls to me. Its full and lush without being overgrown and messy.

We’re meeting with three landscape/lawn companies this weekend, including CF Landscaping, and I think this is my inspiration picture for them.

More as it develops.