Water Oak has Allergies and Snots on Everything

Its Spring, so that means its allergy season. I have my own allergies to worry about – but this Water Oak in my back yard has it bad.

large oak in backyard of designGumbo.com's house

This tree has allergies and its snotting all over my deck and yard

Look at this stuff:

water oak snot (a.k.a. pollen)

Water Oak Snot (a.k.a pollen)

My allergies run to another tree group (Hickory, Mulberry) so this isn’t affecting my respiratory system, but it sure is ugly. Each evening after a full day of work, I come home to sweep off several newly snotted inches off the new back deck — (haven’t shown that to you yet). Its a running battle, but if I don’t keep up with it, the Grrr Girls, and their humans, will surely track these darlings into the house, making the mess, not only on the outside, but on the inside.

I think there might be a few more days of evening sweeping. And then we can actually begin to enjoy the new deck without sitting in oak snot. Are you experiencing anything like this in your area? What have you done to combat the annual snot-fest?

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