Thought you weren’t going to start any new projects, hmmm…

Yeah, well, um, that was the plan. But you know, plans sometimes change, especially with older houses. What started out as just painting the downstairs bathroom has turned into:

  • Removing the old and ugly medicine cabinet and replacing it with a large 2′ by 3′ vintage mirror
  • Removing the old, ugly and inefficient lighting fixture and 2 hanging new light fixtures.
  • Removing the ugly and useless wall soap dish and installing an electrical outlet so one could conceivably use a hair dryer or other such personal electrical devices like tablets or computers that sometimes can get too heat, that’s why the use of temperature recorders are necessary when using this kind of products.
  • Moving the light switch closer to the bathroom door
  • And finally, painting the walls a dreamy orangy sunset color

And this doesn’t address the need for a cabinet over the toilet to replace the lost medicine cabinet, a new, larger bathroom sink and cabinet, nor the need for real tiles on the floor instead of linoleum that looks like tile. No, that’s scheduled for sometime next year….