Small Creations, Rearrangements and an Acquisition

The Small Creation

The June malaise seems to be gone and I am once again interested in sprucing up our nest. In addition to creating the kitchen valance (which, by the way, was half created and then languished for well over 4 months before completion…) I was inspired to whip out the sewing machine to create a lumbar pillow for the new modern sofas I bought for the living room. I made it from the remaining valance fabric.

Ironic story: I had not used the sewing machine in the 2 years since I purchased it, and I could not recall where I had stashed it. After looking for it high and low I resigned myself to hand sew the whole thing, until Tim came home and said, “Oh, I know where that is located…” and about 15 minutes later, the pillow was completed.

orange ikat lumbar pillow

A shot of color and pattern for the sofa

The Small Rearrangement

Tim was once a Korean translator in the Air Force in a time long ago, and a world far, far away (the 1980’s to be exact) and he brought home from his Korean travels a pretty writing desk. Since 2006, that pretty little writing desk has been collecting dust in our bedroom hallway. Pretty, but not very useful. Hoping to get a more inspiring look for our entryway, I placed it on the library table that serves as the living sofa console, and key drop spot. Not sure if I like it there, but am enjoying the bromeliad, coral and green paper mache Haitian bird. What do you think? Does it work there? Too much?

Korean writing desk

Korean writing desk, bromeliad, green bird and coral

The Small Acquisition

And finally, my newest acquisition, my Red Ear Turtle shell. I’ve seen the turtle shell decorating trend for several years now, and have been mostly priced out of the market. Case in point: In the current issue of Lonny Magazine about “Guy Friendly Guide to Decorating”, and which showed 3 turtles (of similar size to mine) by the artist Eduardo Garza. Sourcing them at his website, I about fell off my Cole Haans – are you ready for this? They ranged in price from $895 – $1495!!! Mine is not quite so dearly priced – I paid $45 (including shipping and handling) on eBay. For the base, I simply placed it a top a brass candlestick from my mother.

Red ear turtle shell

Red ear turtle shell

I’m looking for two more, one specifically: a Diamondback Terrapin, since Tim and I both graduated from University of Maryland, and that’s our mascot. That one will most likely be a long time coming as they are endangered. If you happen to run across one in good shape, and reasonably priced, let me know!