Porch Fantasies and Deck Dreams

A Properly Attired Front Porch

Home ownership has a good deal to do with the American dream.

My home dreams and fantasies tend to run to the grandiose and southern, but you already knew that, right?

Remember, this is my DREAM HOUSE?

Remember, this is my DREAM HOUSE?

Our front porch, errr, the postage stamp that we affectionately refer to as a front “porch”

is now properly attired in cabbage palms and new bronze urns.

It is my HUMBLE opinion – (and you know what opinions are like…)

that no respectable southern front porch should be without cabbage palms and HUGE urns.

That assumes some things about me that are mostly true. You decide what’s what on that topic.

Porch Fantasies & Deck Dreams- Ubiquitous Potted Palm

Ubiquitous Potted Palm

Our house sits atop a hill, so it’s tough to get a good shot of the front porch without resorting to setting up a ladder in the middle of the street …

And if I were to do that, my neighbors might think I’m more batty than they already do…

so, you’re not getting that sort of picture and …

you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you there ARE two of them, one on either side of the front door.

I’m Dreaming of a Functional Deck

One of the styles I drool over is large oversized wicker chairs.

Porch Fantasies & Deck Dreams- Sittin' on the front porch

My DREAM: Sittin’ on the front porch, Source

They make me think of lazy summer days, relaxing on the front porch with an icy glass of Arnold Palmer, (half lemonade, half iced tea) chatting with neighbors as they stroll by.

Or if its been a particularly trying sort of day, some sort of adult libation might be in order, to promote relaxation and social niceties.

Okay, so I don’t have that now, but I can dream about that front porch, right?


someday, I will have one of those and the life style to go along with it.

Arnold Palmer's in mason jars with lemon slices

Come sit a spell, as we enjoy an ice cold Arnold Palmer, Source

Some of My Dreams

Follow Carollynn @designGumbo.net’s board Porches on Pinterest.

I digress…

Last week, I shared some new purchases from Lowes (now referred to as my suck up post) about good customer service, but I did not share what they look like installed on the deck, and fluffed with pillows and plants. Some low maintenance cladding boards can be simply screwed down with special reverse thread screws to prevent the material from “mushrooming” on the surface.

Wanna SEE?

These hit the top of my DROOL meter. Yes, I AM delighted.

Porch Fantasies & Deck Dreams- Lowes Allen & Roth wicker chair

Lowes Allen & Roth wicker chair

The best part?

They’re not real wicker, so they’re likely to last a good long time out in the weather.

  • Durable, all-weather wicker
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Rust-resistant, powder-coated finish
  • No assembly is required

You can imagine — I LOVE them.

Porch Fantasies & Deck Dreams- The second Allen & Roth wicker chair

The second Allen & Roth wicker chair

They are soooo comfortable, the cushions are covered in Sunbrella outdoor fabric, so they should not fade.

Porch Fantasies & Deck Dreams- Allen & Roth chairs

The full seating arrangement

Wanna come over for evening cocktails on the deck?

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