My Ottoman Empire

Yesterday, it rained, and rained and rained.

It was predicted, but who wants rain on a weekend? Not me.

The pedicure,  or look ma, no more claws!

The pedicure, or look ma, no more fugly toes!

I only left the house for my regular tithing to the beauty gods for a mani and pedi at a new salon up the street.

The old paws were looking like Howard Hughes crazy man claws and it WAS definitely time.

In between rounds of rain, it was overcast and threatened to rain some more.

The Grrr Girls and I were stuck in the house the whole day, and I knew the three of us would have cabin fever come the morning.

This morning, I awoke to clear skies, light breezes AND the new ottomans on the deck.

New ottomans - Doesn't this look comfy?

Doesn’t this look comfy?

I feared I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise to you to share what they looked like because of yesterday’s all day rain-fest.

However, as the meteorologists predicted, the day dawned with a few clouds, but the sun was out, and out it remained.

The high for today: 80 degrees, and it was lovely.

Two uninterrupted hours to myself

My breakfast was eaten right here…

new ottomans - My perch this morning

My perch this morning

I also caught up reading a weeks worth of the blogs I follow – so much happened in the last week!

new ottomans - Come sit beside me

Come sit beside me

And the Grrr Girls rounced and pounced in the backyard, working off some of yesterday’s cabin fever.

New ottomans - Sit a spell, we'll have morning coffee or an evening beverage

Sit a spell, we’ll have morning coffee or an evening beverage

And, yeah, I know, I need a more stylish end table.

Regardless, it was the perfect start to a lovely and relaxing day.

Hope your Sunday started as nicely as mine, I’m looking to many more mornings on the deck.