Now selling on Craigslist DC

…a lamp that I love, but sadly don’t have room for any longer.

Vintage Hand Painted Lamp

Vintage Hand Painted Lamp I'm selling on Craigslist

The ad says I’m redecorating, and that’s no lie, as we all know, I’m almost always redecorating. I recently took a hard look at the living room and realized its crammed with all sorts of stuff. I wish I could say “artfully overstuffed” but to my eye, its a small living room and it looks crammed full of ‘stuff’. Stuff that I’ve loved, but its time to reduce the clutter. (And as part of the decluttering, this lamp has no where to live, including not a space inch in storage!) Hopefully my decluttering efforts will help fund some other purchases for other sadly neglected rooms.

Close up of the hand painted brown parrot tulips

Close up of the hand painted brown parrot tulips

Lamp info:
Cream background with hand painted brown Parrot tulips. Very hefty and substantial – must see to appreciate! Slight crackle effect enhances patina. No visible cracks or defects. Rewired in 2006.

  • Lamp base: 13 inches diameter
  • Base height: 14 inches
  • Overall height: 26 inches

Are you interested? Contact me: designgumbo [at] gmail [dot] com or via the Craigslist ad.