I love Louis…My spring mantle makeover

I wish I could say that I specifically styled the living room mantle for spring, but that would be untrue. There’s no springtime-iness in this mantle (yet). What is true is that I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Louis Phillippe reproduction mirror. I’ve been drooling over these for many many years.

Louis Phillippe mirror, gray painted dresser in Karina Gentinetta's home

Louis Phillippe mirror in blogger Karina Gentinetta’s home


Each trip to New Orleans, I search for the perfect one – size and price – I must admit, its been a lot of fun spending time in the french antique stores there.  Countless hours I’ve spent in online searches at auctions and antique dealers and still no luck.

3 silver gilt  Louis Phillippe mirrors

3 silver gilt Louis Phillppe mirrors

Why has this taken years? So glad you asked, but now I must admit, I have a terrible, terrible secret. You see, I, like most folks in the US are… afflicted with short ceiling disease. Yes, that’s right my ceiling are only, GASP, 8 feet tall. Do you still respect me?

gold louis phillippe mirror

Gold Louis Phillippe mirror

So, while I pine away for the soaring 10-12′ ceilings and architecture of New Orleans housing stock, where these beautiful mirrors seem so ubiquitous and at home, I only have the regular, boring, 8 foot standard ceiling height.  Which means the really tall ones won’t work over my Cape Cod fireplace.  Sigh…

To further complicate the process, the distance between the top of the mantle and the ceiling is also less than prosperous – a mere 44 inches. All this meant that finding a mirror that was more than 42″ and less than 44″ tall and well proportioned took a long, long time.

Louis Phillippe mirror over fireplace mantle

My Louis Phliippe Mirror

Until, one day, when I had a spare 5 minutes, I perused Domino online shopping. AND? THERE . IT . WAS . THE perfect size LOUIS PHILLIPPE MIRROR. YES, I AM SHOUTING, because, well, its a big deal, to me at least. My not so secret blog crush, Victoria Barnes would understand. The heavens parted, the angels sang and there was my almost perfect mirror. If you need a great place to shop, you can go to EziBuy.com and fins anything you need.

Louis phillippe mirror over fireplace mantle


Remember when I said I was first looking for the right size AND the right price? Well, this one wasn’t quite the right price –at first. After a bit more sleuthing, I found an online vendor who had some pretty amazing online coupons – 10% off and FREE SHIPPING, and well, I just had to do it.

Just a hint of spring from the new phalaenopsis orchid in Pantone’s color of the year: radiant orchid. Other details from the mantle: Brass shell candle sconces purchased on eBay (10 years ago), Wasabi Green & Linen Striped candle tapers from Hattan Home and Golden Urchin Sculpture by Dwell Studios from Horchow.

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