High end find at Ikea

High end find at IkeaRecently, the interior design blogisphere seems to have rediscovered Ikea and found a lot to love. We live within 10, 45 or 60 minutes of three Ikeas, and stop in the closest one a half dozen times a year.  Their regular updating of merchandise assures that there is always something new to discover. There’s one particular area of Ikea I visit regularly, and within it you’ll find a world of affordable accessories, textiles, lighting, rugs, mirrors, picture frames and a regular and a good selection of house plants. Yesterday, I went to pick up a pair of silk pillow covers I saw a month ago. They were $8 each, which is dirt cheap for pillow covers, silk or otherwise.

High end find at Ikea On my way to pay for my frugal purchases, I passed through the rugs department, as usually looking for standard rug sizes, and in front of me was a display that made me rub my eyes, to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Hanging right in front of me were large swaths of beautifully colored cowhide. For. $249!!!!

In our store they have the traditional Holstein cow black and white, two chestnut brown versions – one a medley of brown shades, the other a chestnut dappled with white spots. The last one was a solid black hide that was sumptuous in its glossiness. That would look amazing draped across a Hollywood Regency style bed. You can see some examples on the Ikea website but they cannot be ordered online, in store purchase only.

High end find at Ikea  High end find at Ikea

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