We WON the Webby People’s Choice Award

Whoohoo! Thank you to everyone who went and voted for FedStats at the Webby Awards web site. Your voting helped us to win the People’s Choice award for best Govt./Law site.

Alas, the folks at Healthy Ontario won the actual Webby best Govt./Law web site, but we think it’s merely because:

  1.   A US site won last year so they had to give it to anther country (Our contention)
  2.   Their site does look nice
  3.   They made mundane topics seemingly cool with funny header titles (e.g. ‘Bottoms Up!’ for a blurb about diaper rash or ‘Cry Me a River’ for a blurb about tears. )

You just know those Canadians are gloating in their oh, so friendly way… But they didn’t get their fellow country men and women to rally to their cause and help them to win the peoples choice award, like we did. So thanks to all the people I know who voted for us and helped us to win! One more kudos for the old resume…

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