The start of a new, better smile

Today, I went to my orthodontist’s  to pick up and install my first set of Invisalign “aligners”. This is something I have been waiting for over a year, and today, the day finally came. I know I’ve been driving a certain co-worker crazy with my count down to “braces” day. In a previous post, I mentioned that the split between my front teeth has bothered me almost since my “adult teeth” came in. The good news is that today I started the process to correct that unsightly gap and it really doesn’t seem too difficult or uncomfortable.
The bad news is that I misunderstood my doctor when were discussing the length of treatment – I thought it was only going to take a total of 6 months! My lower jaw should be completed in the expected 6-month timeframe. (Whoo Hoo! I’m on on schedule!) Alas, my upper jaw, went from my delusional 6 month treatment to a 12 month treatment to now, the Invisalign decree of 16 months of treatment due to some last minute changes to my plan before my impressions were sent in. (Oy!) While my treatment is going to take a little more than a year for my upper jaw, the cost does not change (yay!) and most people will not be able to see anything going on, as this is an almost invisible process.
So for now, I’m thankful for no more purple goo in my mouth… and I got my braces, I got my braces… (I’m doing a happy dance if you haven’t guessed.) Now all I have to do is figure out how to take these goofy things off my teeth so I can go have lunch…
Sigh… the things we do to look good.

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