Gag me with some purple goo… (no really, that’s the technical name for it! ;-)

Anyone who has known me for a while knows that I am pretty self conscious about the split between my front teeth (courtesy of my father’s side of the family) I finally decided to do something about it. Ok, I admit it, I am a little vain, and I want this process over and done as quickly as possible.

This morning I went for my Invisalign impressions. Earlier this week, I had my record impressions taken, and that lasted all of about 30 seconds, which wasn’t so bad, but this… OY! 5 minutes per jaw, with a redo on my upper jaw, because, I had the nerve to, now get this – GAG on the plum colored polymer that was shoved in my mouth while holding my head back and biting down into the goo for 5 minutes. And don’t think about swallowing – that’s what the bib is for… I was told to “feel free” to drool on myself as much I needed. Yeah right, like I’m going to drool in public. And to think, I’m paying for this.

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