Christmas Dinner for the Homeless – 1990

Orlando Sentinel; Orlando, Fla.; Dec 21, 1990; Scott Joseph,
Sentinel Restaurant Critic;

1990 by The Orlando Sentinel)

Last-minute good deeds. The Beacham Theatre in downtown Orlando is looking
for volunteers to help serve Christmas dinner to homeless people in our community.
If you can help cook, serve, clean up or if you have materials to donate, you’re
needed. Contact Carollynn Hammersmith at (407) 649-4240 between 10 a.m. and
4 p.m. today or Monday.

Anyone volunteering to serve dinner on Christmas Day gets a vote
from the Hound as best waiter in Central Florida.

Scott Joseph is the restaurant critic for The Orlando Sentinel.

Orlando Sentinel; Orlando, Fla.; Jan 14, 1991


WE AT the Beacham Theatre in downtown Orlando would like to thank the hundreds
of volunteers who made our Christmas Dinner for the Homeless so special.

When we first began the project in early November, I was afraid
that we would never have enough volunteers to put on the dinner. Through the
local radio stations and the local network affiliates, the message got out that
we needed donations and volunteers to make the second annual Christmas Dinner
for the Homeless happen.

The outpouring of time and donations was staggering to even the
most conservative of people. I do not have the names and addresses of everyone
who participated, so I would like to thank all the people who gave of their
time, talents and donations that enabled us to feed well over 1,000 people Christmas

It is a wonderful commentary on the people of Orlando, that they
gave up precious holiday time with their loved ones to give those less fortunate
a beautiful Christmas! Their generosity renews my faith in mankind and gives
me great pride in the city in which we live.

I hope that everyone involved with the dinner got as much joy
and satisfaction out of helping as we did planning and executing the dinner.

Again, to my volunteers – thank you! We couldn’t have done it
without you.

Carollynn Hammersmith, ORLANDO