This is what I want in life

I want to…

drive down a street like this every day, going to and fro in my life’s journey.

This view is what I want in life

This to me is a perfect view source

I want to see the dappled shadows made by the sun and trees overhead

I took this sort of view for granted growing up, but now that I don’t have it everyday, I realize what I am missing, and long for the shady, humungous live oaks, festooned with spanish moss; the bright green of palm foliage contrasting with the gray brown bark of the trees.

This is a view I want in life

To walk under these ancient arches would be divine

And this is the home I want to start and end my days in…

…complete with:

  • the large wrap around front┬áporch – perfect for socializing and hanging out on lazy afternoons
  • reclaimed brick sidewalk from the street to the porch
  • regulation large old live oaks trees, strewn with requisite spanish moss
  • widows walk over the front porch with a matching flower box
  • cute white picket fence, surrounding a nice large yard for the Grrrr Girls to run and play in
  • a coastal south-eastern US address/li>

I want to live in a southern town…

  • where I am a part of the fabric of the community
  • where I am known and I can make a difference
  • where good manners and warm hospitality still matter

Where is this coming from? Every once in a while, I run across a picture that reminds me of home. And then years upon years (16 to be exact) of longing for what I miss, comes to the forefront and I am homesick. As I approach my 50th birthday, I’ve started to reevaluate what I want in my life and where I want to live that life. Half of my problem is solved I know what I want – this is my ideal. Now I need to figure out how to make it my reality.

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